Guerrera Jaguar

Vanessa Arellano

Junio 2017

The beginning

Some persons told me before I should start a blog, because in their opinion, I have some interesting experiences to share with other people. I have a lot of thoughts but I’m not the ‘writing person’, actually I prefer the quick everything. But the true is that in this particular moment, I leave my country to follow a dream. I leave so many people that I care and love, so I decided the best way to keep them close, is sharing in this way.


So, I’m Vanessa, I’m a 27 year old Mexican girl and today I’m flying to Denmark following my heart beat (and not because of a love crush!). And because this new adventure it’s going to be mostly in English, I’m going to start writing in the language… so please excuse the writing mistakes, the plan is to improve each time.


The decision


Every beginning starts with a decision, or as in my country we say, “chinguesu I’m gonna make it”.


Since university, I started working on international companies, building a successful career so I could buy lots of things to ensure a high level life and be happy. In my country the productivity is equal to lots of hours working, so it was pretty common working since early time in the morning and with no time to get out, also having a few days (less than 10) per year for holiday. I’ve always been a responsible person so it wasn’t a surprise for me that doing correct my job, my career was growing fast. At an early age I was economic independent, I bought the car I wanted, rented a department in a fashion area on the capital, furnished it with fancy decoration, had lots of clothes, shoes, purses…. that honestly I didn’t need them all. The point was that all the material stuff I earned with my effort didn’t gave me the happiness that it supposed to, I didn’t feel free at all and my mood was like an older person almost all of the time. I made a self-reflection and recognized I needed urgently a change. So a friend and I decided to make a “time out” in our life and travel around Europe. So I quit to my job, to my fancy place, to my life and start living the present.

During our three months traveling I saw everything so clear and out of the box. I felt so alive. I realized there are so many options to choose in life and not only those that we use to know or are in our comfortable zone. My last conclusion was that all the elections are right -> to do something, to change the course, to improve… and the only thing that I have the obligation to do as a human is to never stop choosing and doing those that will make happier my life.


When we got back home, I knew Denmark was the place I wanted to be. I made a deal with myself where my only project was finding the way to make this true. So I gave me the limit of a year where my compromise was to do everything in my possibilities, and on the other hand, accepted if it didn’t work.


Seven months after, I’m celebrating my first week in Copenhagen.


The process


Now I’m officially here, some people start asking me about “the magical link” where they can also apply and get the same shot. This is the thing, in life there are not shortcuts to success, it needs a clear goal, perseverance and a little of more perseverance. Even when I’m already here, I know there still being a large way in front, and that’s perfectly fine, after all that’s why I’m here.


But there’s actually a site with all the options for moving to Denmark: with a job contract (and just some companies), studying (with the school’s acceptance), like Au pair (only for a year), getting marry, etc.


At first I made a deal with the Mexican embassy in Denmark, so I could be practicing with them while I found a job with the three months tourism Visa. So I bought my flight ticket and meanwhile the date came, I started a job searching through plataforms such a LinkedIn. I realized that even with my six years of experience, my profile wasn’t enough to get a job contract.


I changed the working plan for a studying plan, where with a Master degree I would be able to get a job contract and the residence permit in the long term. I invest lot of time reading about schools and their programs. I knew that if I was to make one, it has to worth it and being something I really wanted in the future. Here’s where I founded CBS (Copenhagen Business School), with a Master programme which I’m totally sure will allow me to get my future plans: Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Every time I read more about it, I was more and more excited about my future doing it, but the stress became when I realized that I just had one month to submit my application with all the requirements that of course, I didn’t had… Let the hunger games begin.


  • Bachelor degree documentation, official and in english: Christmas has passed just a days ago, and the office at the University was still closed. After a week, I could asked the documentation and after a few days they gave it to me… but it was from another degree! so I had to ask it again and wait again.


  • Translator: so my school didn’t have the transaltion service, but they gave me the contact of the expert translator. It was in another city so all the communication was by phone and mail. They translated more than 20 sheets and charged 25 cents per translated word. I wasn’t sure if they were real, but I didn’t have another choice. It was pretty fast, they sent me everything by mail and the original by Fedex. I still thinking in that as an invest.


  • English certified: l choose the IELTS Academic exam for the face to face oral exam. Through a ‘very professional english school’*1 in Mexico City, I made my exam payment and reservation weeks prior the date. A few days before my exam, they told me I wasn’t on the group so I would have to change the date… after my deadline application! At the end they send me to Toluca, another office in another city so I could make it the same date, three hours from home. I went three times. First one for the reading, listening and writting and I had the worst experience. I woke up at 5am to be in time, the exam started three hours late, there were sick persons who just distraced, etc. Second, was the face to face exam, it was faster and I felt better. Third, I went to pick up my results in Mexico City, where suposed to be, I went just to hear how they mess up (again) and sent them again to Toluca. I had the bad luck of having a car accident when I was returning the last time, but at least, I got the score! 1 International House


  • Motivational Eassy: I know I have enough background for offer to a school such as CBS, but it was so difficult getting structured my ideas and at the same time answering many points they asked in a few sheets. I made like 10 different essays until I got the final one, or at least I thought that. I asked to my very bf, who is an amazing executive in a very important company to helped me checking it, besides she had won important contests at there company through essays with her achievements. I sent her a normal white sheet with black letters document and she returned me an all red document (lol). With a very propositional attitude, she coached me with the structure I needed to. The last checking was by facetime with my aun who has live in US for more than 20 years, I literally read her and she gave me the last corrections.


This where the most important things I needed to do in a first step.


I was really nervous about the answer, I saw the statistics where just the 30% of the applicants are accepted (imagine of this how many are from LA). Meanwhile I applied to my B and C plans in Berlin and Barcelona, just in case.


After almost three months, I got my acceptance letter!!!


So then I made another processes, such my residence permit application with the consulate of Denmark, housing reservation, change my ticket date and enjoying everything in Mexico before leaving.


I wanna close with the reflection that nobody is going to make the things for you. If you really want to make something happens, its your own responsibility to get it. Be owner of your life and take it whenever you want. I’m really lucky for all the support of family and friends I received (and still) in this project. You are the strength I need to keep forward.